September 11, 2012

Now Available in Print!

Sherman's Fifth Corps, a Civil War Novel, is now available in print!  To order your first edition, signed copy, request by email to

For a limited time, you can purchase your signed, first edition for $9.99 (plus shipping and handling). Bulk orders for schools will receive an additional discount.

Experience the famed March from Atlanta to the Sea, lead by Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, as never before.  Through actual and fictional letters, diaries, journals, news accounts, official reports and for the first time, the words of the ex-slaves themselves, SFC tells a story of the man and the March that has never before been told. Sherman’s Fifth Corps reconstructs and imagines what happened when hardened Union soldiers and newly-liberated Blacks marched across Georgia. They formed an unplanned, unprecedented alliance that brought the end of the Civil War, the end of slavery, and, literally, a new birth of freedom for this country.

Of course, the novel is also available on Kindle from Click the link on this page and get, search for the title in the Kindle Store, and you can be reading in minutes!

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